All stones, crystals, and minerals displayed in our gallery can be found in our shop “Mystic Gates” located at 2 Norfolk Place, London, W2 1QN.

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Crystal Usage & Guidance

Geopathic Research

Having acquired a floor plan for a home, garden, plot of agricultural land, professional space and any kind of area, we can locate all the energy possibilities or the energy losses of the points in the spaces through micro-vibrational scanning.

By using Complete Crystals on the specific positions, we establish energy balance and we broaden the quality of our surroundings, as well as we improve the relationships and the life of individuals.

*Improving agricultural yield: 35% – 45%

Crystal Healing

  • Facilitating individual energy.
  • Energy strengthening of the body with crystals specially tuned with the bio-frequency of any specific individual.
  • Sessions for special cases, clarifying unresolved issues, facing undesirable memories, controlling anger.
  • Awareness to manage professional and social conditions.
  • Recommendations to use beneficially one’s own abilities.

Esoteric Guidance


Those who want to understand the bases of Nature, the bases of the presence in the world, as well as the emergence of their existential identity, will receive approaches to conceive their true completeness.



The Healing Guidance within this book originates from documented successful treatment conducted by Petros Apostolou .

These treatments were determined through radiesthetic investigation (which is based on vibrational experiences by Petros Apostolou. The book gives a small number of especially interesting practical applications - a sample of unique and original healing application work.The methods outlined in the book are part of a far larger catalogue of methods built up over many years of experiences working with crystals and healing application work. The methods outlined in the book are part of a far larger catalogue of methods built up over many years of experiences working with crystals and healing clients. This book specialises in the importance of crystals to human physiology and their practical application to healing particular ailments. Having witnessed impressive results ourselves, we have decided to publish a part of this work for those seeking to become familiar with the specialised function of the crystals.

Hopefully, by sharing with you, we will be able to continue to impart more of the immense legacy and benefits of crystals, as well as other linked topics concerning the most important aspects of human nature.

Margarita Mantaka

Crystal Healer

About us

Mystic Gates™ is the outcome of a multi-year project broadening our knowledge through important revelations about the Nature and Life of Man.

By using the treasures of the Mineral Kingdom as a basis, the world of crystals opens for us its Gates, in order to lead us through mystical pathways that reveal to us unsaid Truths for every individual.

Our crystals are activated and the uniquely selected according to their quality. Apart from their collectible and aesthetic attributes, our crystals will function through our guidance and will provide help and assistance to anyone searching for serenity, balance, harmony, but also even the deeper fields of one’s Existence, which can be found from one’s biochemistry to their unknown Self.

From the level of Geopathic research and individual facilitation to the Esoteric initiation, has to get to know the world through their uniqueness.

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Our main location in London

2 Norfolk Place London, W2 1QN United Kingdom

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Interview of the researcher Petros Apostolou on Star Classic Radio (In Greek)